Fully Hectic

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Man Im such a wog. I’m going to be in a weeks time anyway!

So much has been happening these past few weeks. Far too much to write about to be honest. And mostly stuff that people won’t really be interested in reading.

I’ve also had a close call with my well-being. This close to the wedding it’s scary stuff. Basically (and tune out if you’re easilly gross out) I’ve had a lump on my leg for about 13 years. It’s just always been there, and a previous doctor told me it was a fatty lipid (a benign fatty tumor). They are common as muck and not worth worrying about.

So, just before I left for Melbourne last weekend I must have bumped it, and it got bruised. That bruise turned into an infection. This is how it looked this Tuesday:

Lump Pic #1

Wednesday I decided to go see a doctor. Found a great guy at Rhodes, just opposite the train station. He said I should get an ultrasound on it to see if it’s a lipoma or a cyst. So I go to the ultrasoundist on Friday and it turns out to be a very large, complex sebacious cyst. After a trip to the doctors on Saturday it turns out that this is not something he can remove himself, as it needs a proper general surgeon. Lots of parts make up the cyst (hence the name complex) and it’s out of his expertice.

So, off to Concord Hospital. We only had to wait an hour and a half to get attended to – and attended to by a surgeon! For a public hospital (and considering the triage nurse put me as a very low priority) that’s pretty damn good – also Concord doesn’t take trauma which helps.

The surgeon organises someone to cut the cyst open to release all the blood and puss. I later find out that there’s no way they would remove the cyst because it’s too badly infected, and looked something like this:

Infected Cyst

So the resident surgeon made about a 2cm oval-shaped incision into the middle of the cyst and basically squeezed it like a pimple. You should have seen it. If you’re the kind of person who loves squeezing a pimple to see the relief of all the puss landing on the mirror, then you would have loved it. It was like a volcano erupting. She then stuck her tweezers in there and swizzled it all around to stir up as much of the puss and gunk as possible and squeezed it out too. As a result it’s now back to its normal size (it was at least three times its normal size). I can hardly walk (but I could hardly walk with its infected state anyway) but it should be healed enough for me to be able to walk by Friday. Which is cutting it fine considering the wedding is on Saturday.

It’s gunna make the honeymoon interesting though, because I really wanted to go scuba diving. I don’t think that’ll be happening. I will probably have a tough time just going snorkelling! Still, we’ll see. I’m not going to waste a once-in-a-lifetime holiday because of some gash in my leg.

So, thats about it for now. I hope I’ve grossed you out sufficiently.

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Free Truckin’ What?

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Anyone who listens to Nova 969 in the morning will be familiar with their current promotion “Free Truckin’ Petrol”, where a Nova 969 truck goes to places around Sydney and hands out free petrol to anyone who turns up. It’s not quite as you’d expect, which I expected. The truck is not full of anything and they hand out petrol vouchers. And they only hand out a limited number of the vouchers.

So today, they did something I hadn’t heard them do before, and they announced their location BEFORE they were there. THey only arrived 30 minutes after they announced the location. Now, the location they were at today is directly opposite where I live. So of course, I went. I was the third person to get there. Awesome, I thought, free petrol for me thankyou.

Anyway, over the next 30 minutes, more people turn up. When the Nova guys arrive, there’s 18 of us. Perfect she says, cos she only has 20 vouchers. In the 10 minutes between her arriving and actually giving out the vouchers, about another 20 people arrived. When the vouchers were handed out, it was literally like a brawl. They made us stand at our cars, and then run to her to get the vouchers. There was pushing, shoving, people sprinting. I wasn’t even that far from the front but people behind us who had only just got there were sprinting.

She stopped handing out vouchers after the first 5 or so to say “Now, who was genuinely here when we first arrived?” A handful (probably an honest handful) of hands shot up. Mine was one of them. And do you think I got a voucher? No. Because everyone kept, literally, pushing everyone out of the way and I’m not that aggressive when it comes to promotions. I believe in first in, best dressed, not “Im late so I’ll force my way in”. I’m surprised nobody got hurt.

Anyway, I missed out on a voucher, I’m a bit pissed off (I’m driving to Melbourne on Friday so any free petrol is a good thing), especially as I’ve been there for 30 minutes, but that’s the way it goes and I go back to my car. The lady parked next to me, who only arrived 5 minutes before the handout, I was going to say something mean to her, but I decided better of it, sucked it up and hopped in my car. Then, she comes over and says “Hi, look, I know you were here well before me, would you like my voucher? I feel bad”.

Needless to say, I was taken aback, especially considering I was thinking about being mean to her! I accepted her offer graciously (I’m not sure if I was meant to say no out of politeness, but she seemed genuine). And who said that Sydney siders are impolite? Well, I just did, but I shall make an exception for this lady. So thankyou, BCA 97L (I think that was her plate). You’re a very kind lady.

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In tribute to Craig Lowndes Bathurst win yesterday:

(spam count, if you’re wondering, is the number of his car). I really don’t know if that’s worthy or not…

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Living for the weekend

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These days Im just wafting from day to day, waiting for weekends. I need a holiday. And I’m having one! Yay for that. Three weeks holiday in two weeks from now. Bucks party this weekend. Yay for that too.




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iTunes has struck again!

The other day, I submitted a support request to get back a whole bunch of lost music, to which I received no response. A few DAYS later I got a Postmaster Undeliverable error into my inbox indicating that my support request never made it to them. Typical.

So, yesterday I load up iTunes and it goes and deletes EVERYTHING from my iPhone. Songs, gone. Podcasts, gone. Applications, gone. It’s not the first time it’s done this, but what it’s also gone and done is remove all the applications from my iTunes store. Which means that they’re gone for good. And because Apple don’t allow you to re-download stuff you’ve lost (see previous problem) I have no access to any of them and I’ll be damned if I’m paying for any of them to get them back. This is the second time I’ve had this problem now.

So, today I go to put a support request in (again) and guess what: “There was a problem with the network, please ensure you’re connected to the internet and try again”. So, I go to the apple site, follow the instructions they have there and what do they do? They land me back at the same page I was just reading, so I’m now going around in circles. Gahh!

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I swear I’m going to pull my hair out in a minute!! Stop changing your mind!! And no, this isn’t the people who were the subject of yesterdays post, this is a different client who also change their mind every bloody 30 seconds.

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