Data Recovery and other gems

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I’ve offered to do a bout of data recovery for a friend. They’ve had three drives fail on them in the past month or so. That’s a lot, in such a short period. It’s always satisfying to see something you thought lost come back, but when the drive makes a grinding noise, I think that’s a bad sign.

Christmas has been and gone for another year (well, technically it goes till 5th of Jan or somesuch, 12 days and all that). Spent most of Christmas Day with my family as they move to Adelaide tomorrow. Spent the evening at Angela’s place.

4 days off from work has been wonderful. I’m working from home tomorrow so that I can say farewell to Mum and Dad, as tomorrow they leave. The packers arrived today and packed up the whole house, tomorrow the trucks arrive (they’re going to fill almost two full-sized containers. As in the containers you see on the back of trains). I’d love to see how the hell they’re going to get a container truck into Liberty Grove. They also need to get a car-carrying truck in there to load up Dads’ MX5. Liberty Grove is filled with tight streets and tiny roundabouts with palm trees in the middle, so you can’t just drive over the top of them. It should be amusing.

Hmm, I think that’s about it. Oh, I got a power drill for Christmas. Awesome. But now I have nothing to drill. But when I do, I’ll be ready!

Oh yes, the christmas plays. Joseph had the largest part to play in every single play. Considering Joseph usually never features much at all (which was the point, that he’s actually not just a background character)… anyway I didn’t do too badly. For the big monologues I had we were able to hide a script on the stage. Thats the great thing about Church plays – nobody ever expects them to be that good, so when they are it’s a bonus!

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Slip of the finger

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It’s amazing how much a little word can change a sentence. For example, the Christmas play where I’m playing Joseph tonight, the first line reads “Mary enters the baby”. It should of course mean “Mary enters with the baby”. This however would be a very different sort of play.

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Close Call

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Far out, on the way to work today a low-loader (truck) coming the opposite way turned right at the intersection I was stopped out. He had a Cat (big piece of machinery) on the back, and the big bucket (a big bucket) on the backhoe flew straight off the back of the truck and landed in the middle of the intersection, narrowly missing other turning cars, and people going the other way. That guy is gunna be in some serious shit for not securing his load. And he’s lucky he didn’t kill anyone, those things weigh (literally) tonnes. They’ll need to get some serious lifting machinery to get it back on the back of the truck as well!

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Sigh. I have an eye infection. My right eye is all puffed up and a bit gross. Why oh why oh why.



Auction Style

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A few years ago, I bought my car from Pickles Auctions. We bought it at fixed price, but the majority of cars go through the traditional auction process. I’ve been to a few auctions at night before, and it’s an interesting experience. But if you can’t get to the auction, you can do it online – great for when its at 9.30 in the morning and you need to be in the office.

You get a live audio feed from the auction, as well as a text version of everything thats happening (bid amounts), so you can watch the bids fly past the screen, and place your bid when you’re ready. The photos of the car come up before the lot starts, and the audio feed gives you a feel for the atmosphere.

And they’re cheap! Cheaper than they were last time I went to an auction. A Commodore Berlina, equivanent in age (a bit newer) to my Executive when I bought it, went for $11,500. I bought mine for $14,000. And it leads to an interesting game. My boss and I were watching the action placing bets on how much the cars would sell for (well, we didn’t bet real money of course). After a few cars you get to be pretty accurate. That said though, 90% of the cars didn’t reach their reserves. I wonder if that’s normal…

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Everyone’s favourite serial killer

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Watched the Season Finale of Dexter last night. Awesome. It was a 12 month wait between Series 1 and 2, and almost as long from 2-3. I hope its not as long, because I’m even more hooked as I have been in the past.

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Another one you won’t be getting

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Went to Jo and Adam’s wedding over the weekend. It was lovely. Its interesting watching a wedding now that you’ve been through one yourself. You notice all the little things that they (well, the bride) do to make things co-ordinate. You can respect the amount of thought and preperation that goes into every little detail.

They had their reception at a golf club in Pymble, and that too was exquisite. The food was just wonderful, the ambience and the building itself were just top class. I must say, the bar has most certainly been set high (although that said, her family are were very generous, more generous that most families can afford to be with paying for wedding related things).

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Pitter Patter of little wedding bells

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It’s Jo and Adam’s wedding today, so I went to the tailor to pick up my shirt that I put in the other week for modification, and he tells me it’s not been done. He told me it would be done by today, and now I have no nice shirt to wear. I’ll have to wear one of my work shirts, which are getting a bit old and worn. Sigh.

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Catchup in the third innings

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Well well well, seriously how rude of me not to write in here for such a long time. Still, at least I’m not as bad as Angela is.

First up, regarding my last post, my leg is pretty good these days. The wound that they cut open re-burst when the infection came back, but because it burst, the infection went down quick. Gotta organise day surgery to have the whole thing removed (cyst, not the leg).

The other major point of interest is, of course, the wedding. It all went smoothly and well. We had a lovely lovely honeymoon at the whitsundays. Lazed around a lot, got sunburnt, etc etc.

We had our wedding photos taken at Sydney Olympic Park. They came out absolutally wonderful. You can check them out on Facebook (I don’t think the albums are public). These are my favourite photos:

We’re settling into married life just fine. Sure we’re only a month in, but everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

This is the time of year and life to get married – Ange and I got married on 1st Nov, a week later another highschool friend got married (Joel and Lisa), last weekend another friend got married (Jess and Jon) and this weekend I’m off to a friend from Church’s wedding (Jo and Adam). Busy time of year.

So, what other news? Well, in the last fortnight our major contract went into receivership and the company is in the process of being pulled apart. The receivers are being rude, and dicks, and are renegging on promises and contracts (with a lot of people, not just us). And the ironic thing is that the penny pinches are costing about $20,000/day. But thats life, and I’m glad that I’m just a contractor, which means I can wash my hands of it. Its unfortunate that a lot of people have lost their jobs just before christmas. At least we’ve got plenty of other work to keep us busy(ish). Mind you, it means there’s not going to be many christmas parties to go to this year.

Well, I know it’s been over a month, but really that’s about all there is to report on. Ah such uneventful lives we lead.

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You know what? I had a dream last night about th fact that I havent blogged in months. I’ll do a catchup soon.

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