A rational dislike

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As I write this, every 15 seconds iTunes decides to steal window focus and I get interrupted. It does this because it, for some unknown reason, feels that I really really need to know that the iPhone upgrade it’s doing for me at the moment has done something. I don’t know what, because every time it grabs focus nothing has changed. WS_FTP LE 6.0 (circa 1995) used to do the same thing, but once for every file, and on a broadband connection that means that it was stealing focus every half a second, thus rendering the PC unusable until it had finished (you could circumvent this by dragging the whole folder, rather than all the individual items, then it only dinged at the end of the folder).

The really annoying thing is that, because I’m typing this, a prompt came up on the screen, it stole focus, and just as it happened I typed SPACE for a new word and it OK’d the dialog and now I’ve no idea what I just did. I probably formatted the damn thing.

In other news, Adobe CS4 Suite is fantastic. I don’t know why I didn’t get it months ago. The new Dreamweaver is so much more intelligent than the old one was. I don’t know if they hired a UI guru, or did more user testing, or whatever, but I love it. On the flip side, I’m not such a fan of Photoshop CS4, but no biggie cos I figured out how to get it to behave like CS3.

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My god, almost everything on TV tonight is a reapeat that I’ve seen. CSI:Miami was the one where some rich fuckers maid gets bashed because the husband (who also knocked her up) locked her out of their panic room, which is related to the importation of some weapons.

House was the episode where a married couple discover that they’re half-brother-and-sister, and then the episode where he gets arrested for possession of narcotics.

Other than that, there’s tennis, some boring adult-back-to-high-school thing on ABC, a documentary about bread eaters on ABC2 and news on SBS. And as for ER, its shit and I never watch it anyway.

All the good TV comes later in the week, or next week. Lie To Me starts on 10 in a few weeks, but I’ve been watching it from the US. Waiting patiently for a new ep (they come out on Thursday here). Same for Lost Season 5. Terminator is back soon to boot.

In other news, Louise got engaged to Nigel over the Australia Day long weekend. They’re planning an April (yes, 2009) wedding. Which doesn’t leave them very long to plan!

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Whats that about living in a glass house?

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Hmm, I’m not a Microsoft Fanboi, I promise… I just happened to see this when I went to un-install (an adobe, actually) product:

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Happy Living

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Ange and I went for a drive today, to the eastern suburbs. We went through Sydney’s most exclusive address, Vaulcluse. And it makes me feel so much better about where I live. Sure, we (I) spotted Ferraris (2x 430s, 1x 360 CS), Lambos (Gallardo), Bentleys (Continental GT and Flying Spur), Audi RS6’s, and at least a dozen Porsche 911s.

And gee it makes me feel better about where I live. Seriously. These yuppies, living in their hilltop mansions with 360 degree views of the ocean. But its all so shallow. I wouldn’t live there even if I had the $20mil asking price. The mixture of ultra obscenely wealthy mixed with run down houses just doesn’t seem right. At least where I live there’s no street snobbery, everyones on the same level, similar incomes, and a real community.

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I just heard an ad on the radio for some Lawyers specialising in Drugs and Criminal Charges. Their phone number was “1800-NOT-GUILTY”. They’ve gone and made a massive error there – they’ve assumed that people who get caught on drugs and criminal charges can spell.

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Burning Rubber… or is that money?

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A thousand dollars. 1,2, skip a few, 999, 1000. That’s how much it cost me to replace all four tyres on my car. They did have cheaper tyres (a bit cheaper), but they only had three of them. And last time I checked a car has 5 wheels (albeit only 4 attached to the car). That’s a lot of money for four pieces of rubber.

But the thing I’m most upset about? I took my Top Gear magazine to read while I was waiting (for a tyre dealership they only had Womens Weekly and Who, along with a few chinese newspapers, to read. wtf?) and I left my magazine on the counter. Still, I hope their next patrons appreciate having an up to date piece of reading material, rather than stuff thats 12 years old. Worst one I ever saw was a National Geographic from 1978, and this was 1999 at a dermatologists waiting room.

Anyway, the new tyres are certainly comfortable, and quiet, and it’s really nice having had a balance and alignment done. And my passenger-rear tyre that’s had a slow leak for the past 6 months is finally gone (I would top it up to 36psi and within 5 days it would be down to 22psi). But I just don’t know if they’re worth a thousand dollars! Mind you, I think Dad paid more than that for his MX5…

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Familiar Surroundings

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I woke up this morning with a headache. This has happened to me before, and according to my phisio friend, it’s because I slept with my head at a bad angle and the oxygen supply was cut off during my sleep. If you knock it in the head with a panadol as soon as you wake up you’re generally OK for the rest of the day, but if you leave it too long it will stay with you all day. I’ve had this before too.

Anyway I took two panadol, but the an hour later the headache was still there. But, as soon as I hopped in my car to go to work, the pain subsided. I get to work, hop out, sit at my desk, and the pain comes back.


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Quality of Life

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You know what? I could never own that Audi S8 I blogged about a few days ago. Why? Even though it’s dirt cheap for a $225,000 car, I said I wanted an A6 to improve my quality of life. To make driving cruisy. Comfortable. Relaxing. A Sports V8 kicking out 260kw would not do that.

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I used to do it so much better

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Man, I hate talking to people in call centers. I’m on hold to Optus support at the moment because it won’t let me link my accounts so I can view my bills online. I enter all the correct information, but it keeps spitting back in my face.

Anyway, I used to work in a call center. As did many of my friends. As does Mandy. When I had to call Adam Internet a few years ago, I got through to the most helpful person, and with iiNet when you get through to their 2nd level support they’re pretty good too. But phone companies, god help me. Its just “read the script” “sound as disinterested as possible” “Say One Moment Please as many times as possible” “Put the user on hold as often as possible”. I used to do such a better job. And I know Mandy does as well. Drives me mad!



My oh My

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The other day I said I’d never be able to afford an Audi A8. So what do I find today? This little gem. A 2001 Audi S8. That’s the hardcore version of the A8. For only 26k. If I had the money I would buy it tomorrow, even if it isn’t as good looking as the A6.

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Fuckbeans I think has to be my favourite swear. I learnt it from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, many a moons ago.

Anyway the reason for the swear this time is that my computer seems to be rooted. My Motherboard is a Tyan K8WE. Thats Dual Opterons, 6x DDR-ECC DIMMs, 2x PCI-e (SLI capable), and the rest of the usual workstation-board gumph. When I first got it, it was DOA. Then it went RMA (faulty) 12 months after that. I’ve had it for almost 3 years now, and its finally died on me again. The board does have a 3 year warranty, but I’ve had a bitch of a time getting the fuckers to warranty it in the past. Third time lucky maybe?

Which most likely means that I’m going to have to buy a new motherboard. Which likely means new ram. And a new processor. I sincerely hope not though. But if I do, I’m just going to go with consumer grade goods this time (Gigabye mobo, Core 2 Duo processor, normal DDR2 RAM). I’m sick of being stuck with ultra-expensive stuff that doesn’t seem to be much faster than the consumer grade stuff anyway. Sure, this stuff used to be a million times faster than the consumer grade, but not any more 🙁

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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year all.

I’ve got a new obsession. I’ve been researching Audi A6’s. Why? A bit of an odd car, I know. But the 4.2L V8 is, at least at the moment, the car for me. Why again? Well, on our honeymoon we were driven in a 2007 Audi A8L. And it was smooth, elegant, and just wafted from place to place. It wasn’t harsh (like a V6 can be), or sporty (like a Turbo 4). It was… comfortable. Cruisy. It reminded me of Dad’s Passat Diesel, only much much nicer. And not a diesel.

So, that was an A8. So why an A6? Well, I’ll never own an A8 because they’re just too expensive. And wheres the point in lugging around all that extra steel when I never have anyone in the back? So an A6 seems a good compromise. The V8 shovels out 220kw, which is great for the fuel economy when you burble from A-B (same economy as the V6 if you believe the figures, and some owners seem to agree) and still delivers a kick in the nuts when you stamp your right hoof.

I figure it would increase my quality of life. Not because I’ve got a fancy car at all, but because it’s relaxing. The daily trip to work and back would be (and I know this from driving Dads car) relaxing. You don’t want to go fast. You want to stay in your cocoon of warmth and Bose Surround Sound. You’re not worried that someone pushes in infront of you. You don’t feel the need to accellerate harder off the line than the guy next to you, because you KNOW that you can beat him if you want. And you’d rather just relax. Did I mention they have a awesome Bose Surround Sound?

Mind you, I’m still never going to own an A6. Because the V8 is $35,000 for a 2001 model and the best part of $50,000 for a 2004. Still, for a car that can set you back $130,000 new, that’s not so bad.

But not in that godawful green colour.

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