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Over the past few weeks I’ve learned more about the insurance industry than I ever wished to. I’ve been working virtually full-time on a client project who is a builder who works almost exclusively for insurance companies (fixing hail damage, floods, cars crashing through garages, etc). It’s an exceptionally complicated business…

Anyway, I really should get some photos of the apartment. It still looks like a bomb hit it, but it’s becoming more and more homely as we spend a bit of time there each day. I have the following plans to execute before too long hopefully:

  • Install a small network rack at the top of the linen cupboard (rack strips are arriving today, powerpoint installed last week)
  • Relocate the phone socket from middle of absolutally nowhere to the top of the linen cupboard (technically an even stupider location for it, but bear with me)
  • Install rack switch and ADSL modem (hence the phone line into the cupboard)
  • Replace old phone socket with keystone RJ45 jacks (using the old channel to run the cable)
  • Install RJ45 sockets at strategic places around the house (they will all terminate in the cupboard)
  • Install cieling-mount full-range stereo speakers in the lounge to hide/remove the rear speakers from the 5.1 setup
  • Install keystone patches in the wall for aforementioned speakers

That’ll do for the next few weeks I think. I’m going to make sure that all of the RJ45 sockets are next to pre-existing channels for the power so they’ll be easy to locate in the wall cavity.

Our loungeroom is also L-shaped, and the _ part of the L would be PERFECT for a home cinema. It’s just the right depth and width for a nice widescreen projector, and a three-person couch across the opening, with room for a small cabinet to house the audio gear. Angela won’t let me though. Something about it not being practical when we have a baby.

Oh yeah. Happy birthday Ange!

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WordPress has forgotten me :(

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It’s been so long since I’ve been here that WordPress forgotted who I was 🙁 Very sad.

Anyway. We’ve moved house. And we’ve moved in. Kinda. But not. The bathroom has been waterproofed and plumbed, but the bath isn’t in yet, and because the bath isn’t in the tiler can’t start his work and because the tiler can’t start his work we don’t have a toilet, or a shower, or a floor, so we can’t live there yet.

On Saturday Ange’s brother helped us load everything into a 3-tonne Mitsubishi ($500 for the weekend from Thrifty), in two trips we were done but those two trips took the best part of 10 hours across Saturday and Sunday. Down two flights of stairs, and up three flights at the other end. Absolutally exhausting. By 5pm on Saturday I was totally stuffed. I could hardly walk up the stairs. And those stair climbing trolleys are a waste of bloody time. It takes more effort to drag the trolley and its contents up the stairs than it is to just carry it.

So, with everything in the house we’ve started unpacking. Kitchen is mostly done, the important part of the lounge (i.e. tv and peripherals) are done, bedroom is about 1/3 done and the 2nd bedroom is about 1/4 done. Obviously the bathroom will stay in its boxes till we actually HAVE a bathroom.

So at the moment we’re living at Ange’s parents house. I’m not going to lie, I don’t really like living there. I like my privacy, I like being able to watch what I want on the TV, I like peace and quiet, and I don’t like being a burden. I like to live in my own place. But it’s only temporary (how temporary though, that’s the question), and I won’t complain because if we didn’t have this place we’d be living in an apartment with no shower and dunny – and that WOULD make life interesting.

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Ok, sit. rep:

– All the mortar and tiles are off the floor. The floor is almost completely flat, apart from a few lumps here and there which we will take care of

– The painter starts today, and will hopefully be finished by Monday

– On Saturday Eugene is coming to install the new pipework.

– On Saturday hopefully the electrician is coming to install the fan, towel rail and a few other odd jobs

– On Monday the tiler is coming to prepare the walls for waterproofing

– On Tuesday the water proofers are coming

So far that’s all we’ve got booked in, however after seeing how things go on Saturday we might be able to get the tiler in next week if all goes well (and the bath gets delivered).

Exciting times 😉

Also, iiNet connected our new Naked DSL service to the apartment, however they gave us a new username, password and phone number with it. When I called iiNet to question this, the guy on the phone said “I’m sorry sir, but I know from experience that we cannot transfer these details over”. After I kept on him for 5 minutes about it he agreed to speak to his supervisor. After dissapearing for 10 minutes, he comes back and says “Ok, sorry sir, good news, we can in fact transfer everything over”. Which is good, cos our current phone number is great and the new one they wanted to give us was pretty shit.

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I was on Steam contemplating if I should purchase the original Half-Life when I saw that it was realeased on the 19th of November, 1998. That’s almost 11 years ago. And that’s insane.

I did purchase it originally, sometime in 1999 but the disks for it are LOONNG gone, and it’s only $14.99 on steam for the game and all the popular mods for it. And the thing is, that I never finished it back in the day. I got up to some part on the planet Xen and just never bothered to finish.

So, I’m very keen to finish it, and let’s be honest, $15 is not much. I just can’t believe it’s over 10 years old.

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Ok! House update:

– We’ve chosen our colours for the walls and am waiting for one more quote to come through from the painters.

– We’ve stripped almost everything out of the bathroom. 98% of the tiles are gone from the walls, the toilet, shower and vanity are gone, the bath is loose but still in place.

– I’ve finally had a reason to buy some power tools 😀 I have added a rotary drill and angle grinder to my toolbox.

– It’s a million times more work than I ever anticipated. When we started, a single tap with a hammer and chisel was enough to make the whole tile fall off the wall. But only the top two or three rows were like that (they had been extended at some point and had been stuck to paint which is less adhesive). The rest of the rows required attacking with the rotary hammer (mini jackhammer, really). It took us three days working 5-6 hours a day to get to where we are.

– A father-in-law who’s as strong as an ox and has incredible stamina is highly recommended for doing two days work in about an hour.

– Give father-in-law a sledgehammer and he’ll work even faster.

– Tradespeople are frickin expensive. $3000 for painter, $2200 for tiler, $400 for electrician (actually they were fairly cheap). We’ve grossly under-budgeted how much labour is involved.

– It’s incredibly, incredibly noisy work.

– It’s stressful, but ultimately quite fun.

I don’t have any photo’s on me right now. Well, I do have a photo of Angela with the rotary drill going like a mad woman on the tiles, but she won’t let me put it online. Your loss.

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Well, we’ve settled! The place is ours. We have the keys. I soo don’t want to be at work, I want to be there checking it out! I’ve really only seen it once, on the initial inspection, because our 2nd inspection was, for me, so bloody quick (probably 60 seconds, no longer).

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Woohoo! Today is settlement day! Angela is doing the final inspection this morning, and settlement will happen around midday. Tonight, we pick up keys. Yippee! I’m so excited!