Why do I bother

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Today, and for the next week, I get to drive to work and use my boss’s car space, as he’s away for a week. This is brilliant because instead of 70 minutes on the train I spend 30 minutes in the car, and costs about the same ($40 in petrol or $40 in train tickets).

However, it seems that whenever I drive and get to the carpark someone ELSE is parked in my spot. This never happens to my boss, and I get into the office the same time he does. So now I have to park outside (thank God its free parking till 8.30, in North Sydney that’s a RARE thing) and go back at 8.30 and just hope that the spot is free.

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No less than SEVEN people tried to hand me shit on the 5 minute walk from the station to the office today. One of them was the Salvation Army, and that’s OK. The rest? Who the fuck knows.

That combined with the live models that they have on display now make me hate Greenwood so much. Constantly harassed, and when you’re not being harassed you’re being stared at by women who can stand suspiciously still.

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Need For Speed: Shift

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Oh, I should also mention I got NFS: Shift yesterday. It’s pretty good – more my style of racing (precision track racing), however it’s still very arcade-ish. You race on real tracks this time, rather than street racing, and because I’ve raced some of those tracks in other hardcore precision driving games I can tell you it’s actually VERY arcadish.

But it’s a lot lot harder than the older NFS’s and I think that will shit a lot of people who are only used to the most recent franchises of it. It’s more akin to the original NFS (by Track and Speed), al-la 1995.

Oh, and if you’re a keyboard racer (like me, I don’t have and can’t afford a decent steering wheel) – do yourself a favour and turn ON the steering assistance, otherwise it’s just TOO twitchy. And turn off the brake assist too, it’s wayyy too over-zelous and you can break MUCH later and MUCH harder without it.

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The internet is boring

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I’m on the train right now, just going through Flemmington, and I’ve already read all of the websites I read on a daily basis. The internet is boring. I need to start taking books to read again.



Protected: Someone set us up teh bomb!

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The days of naievity

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I was surfing the WayBack machine and I stumled upon this gem from 1995. It’s from an FAQ on the MSN website, introducing users to the intertubes:


I bet Microsoft wish they could scrub that statement from the history books.

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Dell Support

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We just bought a wicked blade system at work:

Dell 1855 Blade System

It’s loaded with 10x Dual Processor 3.0Ghz, 4Gb RAM, 2x 146Gb SCSI. It’s not new (approx 3-4 years old), ex-lease from a bank, so it’s in good nick and almost fully upgraded.

Thing is, because it’s out of a datacentre there’s a few things gone missing along the way:

– Power Cords. 4 of them. They cost about $35 each.
– USB Dongle. The blades do not have an exposed USB for whatever reason you need to use a dongle to access them. It doesn’t have it.

And it’s on this last one that I’m having trouble. The chassis doesn’t arrive till tomorrow, so I tried to go ahead of the curve and order a dongle, so that we’re not sitting around waiting for it. So I called Dell, and after being transferred no less than 5 times (including once to RECEPTION?) I finally got through to the parts department. But they couldn’t do anything without the service tag from the dongle. But I don’t have the dongle. So she wants the service tag from the server. I don’t have the server yet, and I explained this to her, but there was nothing she could do without it. Or willing to do anyway.

I even had the relevant part number, by doing a lot of research on the internet. She wouldn’t accept it. She needed the service tag.

It’s this reason that I hate Dell. First level script monkeys who can’t deviate from the script nomatter what. I have the part number, just give me the damn price.



I said you don’t… wanna fuck with shady

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(cos why?)

Cos shady… will fuckin’ kill you.

Man for all his potty mouth he comes up with some pretty good rhymes. And this is coming from a poor overweight white trash IT nerd. Although that said, the previous lines didn’t rhyme at all.

(By the way, you don’t wanna get caught singing that line to yourself under your breath at work. It doesn’t look so good).

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