Time to move on

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So long ago now that I honestly can’t even remember buying them, I’ve been running two 320Gb SATA disks in RAID-0 as my main storage, with a 300gb PATA drive for just storing stuff on.

Thing is that things have now gone so far that I’ve deleted EVERYTHING that I can spare, that is, that I don’t ever use, or isn’t work related, and I’ve still only got < 100gb free. In almost 1tb of space. And that doesn't include TV or movies (which are on another PC). Time to move to 2x 1Tb I think...

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Heeerree’s Johnny!

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Blah. I don’t think I’ve ever been absent for this long before. I don’t even remember when I wrote the last thing in here.

So whats been going on in the last two months? Well, Ange and I went on holidays to visit some friends in north NSW, I came back to work, had an awful few weeks where everything seemed to go wrong or get fucked up or just not go according to plan.

We moved offices. We’re now in on the 32nd floor of a North Sydney building. The view is fantastic, right across the harbour, can see all of sydney, from the eastern suburbs to the blue mountains. It’s only temporary though, as we’ll be moving out to Castle Hill soon.

We passed the first trimester of the pregnancy, which means that we can talk about it in public. We don’t know the gender yet, but it’s a healthy baby, and it’s very exciting. No, it wasn’t planned, but it was a very happy surprise. It’s nerve racking at the same time, but what do you expect. At least it puts us well on our way to our plan of having all our kids by the time we’re 30.

Oh, I (think) saw someone I haven’t seen in 6 years at North Sydney yesterday, at about 11.30am, walking up Mount Street. If it was you (you know who you are, if it was you), drop a comment.

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