OMG! Dexter!

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We just finished watching the last episode of Season 4 of Dexter. Don’t worry – no spoilers!

Normally the Dexter series likes to wrap up with no loose ends, so that you start a new series all fresh and wonder where it’s going to take you. This time though… no such luck. It’s got to be one of the most… shocking endings to a series of any show I’ve ever seen…

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Our block finally took advantage of the governments $1200 rebate on getting insulation installed, and it was installed yesterday.

It’s fantastic. The apartment was about 10 degrees cooler than usual when I came home (at 4pm, so not long after the heat of the day), and thats with the house all locked up and the curtains drawn and windows closed. Can’t wait till the aircon is installed, it’s going to be even better!

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Why so glum, chumly?

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After a general consensus in the office we decided that Nova 969 has been playing too much of so-so (and same-same) music for the past few weeks, so we’ve given it a break from our office radio and switched it to WSFM.

WSFM is like the “Oldies” station. They play music from the 60s and 70s and 80s. And that’s fine. In fact, even though I’m only 24, I know most of the lyrics.

What isn’t so fine though, is that over the past week I keep hearing the SAME SONGS. Over and over. Telephone, by ELO, that stupid Corona song (you know the one My Sharona), Queen, and many others.

Now, Nova gets about 5 years (10 at a pinch) worth of songs to choose from. In fact, it’s more like 18 months worth during prime-time (mornings and drive). WSFM get 30-40 years to choose from. All day. All the time. So why why WHY if you have 20x the timespan to choose from, do we hear the the same songs?

Why why whyy?

Update 2009-12-03
It’s only 10.30 in the AM and they’ve already played:
– Money (Pink Floyd)
– Angie (Rolling Stones)
– Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)
– My Sharona (The Knack)

All of which seem to be on high rotation. That said, they did play Elton John’s “Someone saved my life tonight” (which was about him avoiding his first marriage by the skin of his teeth I believe) which featured in a Steven King book I read recently, which was kind of cool.

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Windows VII

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I finally got so fucking fed up with show shit slow my laptop was running doing EVERYTHING (it would take 35 minutes to be usable after a fresh boot) that I finally wiped it and installed Windows 7.

It was the last computer in my posession to be upgraded, and it was by far the most improved. It’s at least 20x faster – obviously that’s because it was a fresh install, but even a fresh Vista vs Fresh Windows 7, Windows 7 would win by a factor of two. At least.

It recognised the fingerprint reader instantly, and was much more accurate than the previous ones, and I didn’t need to install ANY drivers. Not even for my Targus ExpressCard docking station.

Everything except for the vSphere console was 100% compatible, and for vSphere just install it in XP mode. Brilliant.

Even the 15-year-old Pervasive B-Trieve database engines work. And that’s amazing, because it DOESN’T work with Server 2008. Because Server 2008 R2 is based on the Windows 7 Kernel, that means it should work on that hopefully.

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