I hate cheques

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After all this bloody chasing the NRMA, we finally got the cheque for my car yesterday (Total days late: 13).

The thing is, on the 27th, they swore black and blue that the cheque was in the mail, to the correct address. When we received the cheque, guess what. It was dated the 29th. In the mail my ass.

Speaking of which, what’s the deal with everyone wanting to pay me by cheque? I’ve got three cheques from the NRMA and a cheque from the RTA. C’mon. If I wanted to pay YOU by cheque, one of two things would happen:

1) You would laugh at me and tell me to go away
2) You would charge me an exorbitant processing fee

This immense double standard means:

1) It’s OK for you to delay you giving me what is rightfully mine, but it’s not OK for me to delay giving it to you
2) My time is worthless. If you charge a huge fee for processing a cheque, you’re saying that it takes TIME and your time needs to be compensated for. This is fair enough I guess. But when you refuse to compensate ME for MY time at the other end? Not fair at all. It’s basically spitting in my face and telling me that your time is important but mine is worthless. In fact I bet it takes me longer to bank a cheque than it does for you.

In related news, thank God for BankWest. Rather than just talking about being nicer, and friendlier, they actually are. Their North Sydney branch opens at 7.30. In the morning. Which is brilliant because 7.30am is exactly when I walk past their branch every day. Which means that I didn’t have to waste my lunch break walking back to the bank and waiting to get the aforementioned cheques banked. And the girl who served me was far too chirpy for that time of the morning.

Their plants don’t talk back to you though. Which is a bit of false advertising. But I guess it’s a small price to pay for convenience.

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