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I love non-linear gameplay. Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Invisible War… and that’s about it really for FPS.

So how then did I miss Mass Effect? I notice that Mass Effect 2 has been released to huge hype and mass fanfare. I’d never heard of it. How? How did this happen? How did I miss the original Mass Effect?

Anyway, I went out and got me a copy of Mass Effect (2007). And it’s fantastic. And because it’s 3 years old my PC runs it at max-settings. If Mass Effect 2 is even half as good as Mass Effect, it’s worth the hype. And I’ve only played Mass Effect for about 3 hours so far!

Oh yeah, I picked up my car. Finally! I’m still not 100% convinced it’s not a lemon, but man, it goes HARD. It’s not as quick to launch as the commodore, (because it’s 4WD) but you get it in the wet and it will destroy a Ford XR6 or a Commodore SS. They just sit there spinning their wheels while I’m off and away.

I thoroughly enjoy the creature comforts as well. In-dash stacker, climate control, comfy seats, electric windows. These things all sound pretty normal these days, but coming from a povo-pack Commodore I can hardly believe that these two cars were built within 12 months of eachother! In its day it would have been the bee’s knees.

Photos will be coming soon, as soon as it stops bloody raining!

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  1. It just kinda sux that with things like DeusEx it was mainly in key area’s that you had the ‘choice’ to make… Apart from that, it was fairly linear.

    Comment by Kris — 10/2/2010 @ 5:36 pm

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