What is dIP?

dIP stands for Dynamic IP. dIP is my attempt at a basic back-end system thing for people with a small web server that they may run from home, with their basic ISP connection. Most ISP's provide a dynamic IP and charge more for static IPs. This program resolves your IP and will update links when your IP changes. It also masks your IP address for WWW pages so that when browsing pages your IP address isn't revealed to the world.

What do I need to use dIP?

Well, you do still require SOME online hosting (as they all come with static IP addresses), however it CAN be a free hosting service, just as long as they support PHP & SQL. In the future I may write a version that uses FTP rather than SQL - if it's needed. It needs to be a URL that people can access and that you can use to manage your IP address. You will also require (obviously) a server and an internet connection.

The system will also work with connections that have static IP addresses, so you can 'extend' your website to your personal server without much hassle (Parts of this website will be stored on my personal server - when I get it).

How does it work?

My secret.

But basically, you will have a "front" page on your remote hosting that people can access. This URL is then used to navigate throughout other pages. This URL will stay the same, but the pages displayed will change. You can still bookmark pages.

How can I get it?

Well, short answer is: you can't. I'm not making it avaliable for public download, as that frankly requires far too much work at my end and I'm lazy. That means writing user manuals, installation scripts etc. However, if you would like to implement it on your site, you can contact me and we can talk it through. If it's not going to be hideously hard, then we can go from there.