Without trucks, Australia stops moving

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Have you seen that saying on the back of a lot of trucks? It’s absolutally true. Trucks are the backbone to the Australian economy.

Which is why it angers me that today the Rail union has said that they want to get petrol tankers off the road. How should petrol be transported? By train, of course.

This is absurd. Absolutally rediculous. How do you plan on getting petrol to places that DONT HAVE train access, hey? That is, most of the country. Freight trains between Adelaide and Darwin (well, Alice Springs and Darwin) only opened in 2004. Would they have said the same thing before then? And unless the petrol station is within pumping distance of a train depot, you’re going to have to truck it somewhere. And if you’re trucking it somewhere, you may as well truck it everywhere.

If it were possible to do this, we wouldn’t have massive road-trains transporting cattle, or any long-distance haulers at all. Which might be great in an ideal world, but if we could do it, it would probably already be being done. And do you think that 5 trips a week is going to be enough to keep everywhere inbetween supplied? Give me a break.

It’s shameless oppertunisim, probably thought up by some marketing departement, and a grab for more income for them. Shame on them for attempting to cash in on recent petrol tanker tragedies.

Now, I’m not a trucker, never have been, nobody in my family is, none of my friends are, and I haven’t lived in a rural area for 15 years (that’s scary). But even I can see that this is a stupid idea.

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OMG! Dexter!

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We just finished watching the last episode of Season 4 of Dexter. Don’t worry – no spoilers!

Normally the Dexter series likes to wrap up with no loose ends, so that you start a new series all fresh and wonder where it’s going to take you. This time though… no such luck. It’s got to be one of the most… shocking endings to a series of any show I’ve ever seen…

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Our block finally took advantage of the governments $1200 rebate on getting insulation installed, and it was installed yesterday.

It’s fantastic. The apartment was about 10 degrees cooler than usual when I came home (at 4pm, so not long after the heat of the day), and thats with the house all locked up and the curtains drawn and windows closed. Can’t wait till the aircon is installed, it’s going to be even better!

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Why so glum, chumly?

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After a general consensus in the office we decided that Nova 969 has been playing too much of so-so (and same-same) music for the past few weeks, so we’ve given it a break from our office radio and switched it to WSFM.

WSFM is like the “Oldies” station. They play music from the 60s and 70s and 80s. And that’s fine. In fact, even though I’m only 24, I know most of the lyrics.

What isn’t so fine though, is that over the past week I keep hearing the SAME SONGS. Over and over. Telephone, by ELO, that stupid Corona song (you know the one My Sharona), Queen, and many others.

Now, Nova gets about 5 years (10 at a pinch) worth of songs to choose from. In fact, it’s more like 18 months worth during prime-time (mornings and drive). WSFM get 30-40 years to choose from. All day. All the time. So why why WHY if you have 20x the timespan to choose from, do we hear the the same songs?

Why why whyy?

Update 2009-12-03
It’s only 10.30 in the AM and they’ve already played:
– Money (Pink Floyd)
– Angie (Rolling Stones)
– Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)
– My Sharona (The Knack)

All of which seem to be on high rotation. That said, they did play Elton John’s “Someone saved my life tonight” (which was about him avoiding his first marriage by the skin of his teeth I believe) which featured in a Steven King book I read recently, which was kind of cool.

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Windows VII

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I finally got so fucking fed up with show shit slow my laptop was running doing EVERYTHING (it would take 35 minutes to be usable after a fresh boot) that I finally wiped it and installed Windows 7.

It was the last computer in my posession to be upgraded, and it was by far the most improved. It’s at least 20x faster – obviously that’s because it was a fresh install, but even a fresh Vista vs Fresh Windows 7, Windows 7 would win by a factor of two. At least.

It recognised the fingerprint reader instantly, and was much more accurate than the previous ones, and I didn’t need to install ANY drivers. Not even for my Targus ExpressCard docking station.

Everything except for the vSphere console was 100% compatible, and for vSphere just install it in XP mode. Brilliant.

Even the 15-year-old Pervasive B-Trieve database engines work. And that’s amazing, because it DOESN’T work with Server 2008. Because Server 2008 R2 is based on the Windows 7 Kernel, that means it should work on that hopefully.

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Time to move on

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So long ago now that I honestly can’t even remember buying them, I’ve been running two 320Gb SATA disks in RAID-0 as my main storage, with a 300gb PATA drive for just storing stuff on.

Thing is that things have now gone so far that I’ve deleted EVERYTHING that I can spare, that is, that I don’t ever use, or isn’t work related, and I’ve still only got < 100gb free. In almost 1tb of space. And that doesn't include TV or movies (which are on another PC). Time to move to 2x 1Tb I think...

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Heeerree’s Johnny!

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Blah. I don’t think I’ve ever been absent for this long before. I don’t even remember when I wrote the last thing in here.

So whats been going on in the last two months? Well, Ange and I went on holidays to visit some friends in north NSW, I came back to work, had an awful few weeks where everything seemed to go wrong or get fucked up or just not go according to plan.

We moved offices. We’re now in on the 32nd floor of a North Sydney building. The view is fantastic, right across the harbour, can see all of sydney, from the eastern suburbs to the blue mountains. It’s only temporary though, as we’ll be moving out to Castle Hill soon.

We passed the first trimester of the pregnancy, which means that we can talk about it in public. We don’t know the gender yet, but it’s a healthy baby, and it’s very exciting. No, it wasn’t planned, but it was a very happy surprise. It’s nerve racking at the same time, but what do you expect. At least it puts us well on our way to our plan of having all our kids by the time we’re 30.

Oh, I (think) saw someone I haven’t seen in 6 years at North Sydney yesterday, at about 11.30am, walking up Mount Street. If it was you (you know who you are, if it was you), drop a comment.

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Stupid money

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I have this 5c piece that has been causing me hassles for days now. I don’t know why but it always ends up in my pocket, and this pocket has a 5c sized hole in it, and every time it falls out I decide to pick it up and keep it. ITS FIVE CENTS MARK. LET IT FALL.

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I’m back baby!

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After three months of (someone else) battling the insurance companies and repair schedule, I HAVE MY (work) LAPTOP BACK! Yippee! About friggin time!

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Windows Installer GUID’s

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I’m running a batch file from an MS KB to remove my rooted Office 2007 installation, and I couldn’t help notice a common pattern in the Office 2007 GUIDs:


Smartasses. Of course, doing that means they’re not actually GUIDs, but I don’t think it’ll matter.

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I love public holidays

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+1 Public Holiday Greatness!

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Fifteen hours

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Last night I went to bed at 3pm for a bit of a nanna nap while Angela went to her parents place. When I woke up it was 6. AM. The next day.

That’s a fifteen hour nap, and it was fanTASTIC. For the first time since my honeymoon I’ve woken up not tired, ready to go, awake, no bags, no nothing. SO refreshing!

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So very pleased

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I’m quite pleased with myself at the moment. A few years ago Ange bought an 19″ LCD TV which recently has just been sitting around not doing much. So I thought “I wonder if I can put it in the kitchen”.

Thing about kitchens is, you don’t ever want to take away bench space. Thankfully this monitor has VESA mounting holes at the back. Awesome. Popped down to bunnings, bought some 5mm thick MDF and fashioned myself a mount for it, and screwed it into the underneath of the cupboards. Hey presto, TV in kitchen without any bench space lost.

It’s only analogue at the moment, will get a set top box for it when we can afford it. I’ll find some way of mounting the box nicely.

I also learned how bloody hard it is to cut in a straight line with a cheap jigsaw. I must find my hand saw somewhere…

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Gotta love marketing weasles

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Check the following screenshot of a popular P2P software:

What do you see wrong with that screenshot? The thing that they actually searched for, is NOT FOUND in the search results. Seriously, let’s advertise our product’s search capabilities by doing a search and showing how it finds plenty of irrelevant things, but not the thing that they searched for.

And this is why I don’t use P2P. Bring on the newsgroups!



Getting there

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After two weeks of high productivity, I’ve got the Outstanding Items from our last client meeting down to 6. Down from 88. And most of them were fairly big tasks, a few hours each on average. Phew. I’m going out for drinks when this project is finally put into the testing phase.

In other news, I seem to have lost my two posts from yesterday. I don’t remember what they were about so they were clearly just rambling, so no great loss.

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